Stop making minimum wage! Our bartenders make up to $400 per night.

Pittsburgh’s Leading Bartending School!

Elite Bartending School is Certified by the PA Department of Education and is Pittsburgh’s only bartending school dedicated to training professionals for over 40 years!

 In just 40 hours you will be certified and ready to work alongside Pittsburgh’s finest bartenders!

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Job placement is included and we currently have more jobs available than we do bartenders.

Now you probably think it costs a lot of money? The price will surprise you. 

Fill out a request for more info or give us a call for a free tour. mixology is waiting for you.

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Are you ready to start your journey?

Pittsburgh’s Elite Bartenidng School is dedicated to helping motivated people becomee a professional mixologist in as little as 40 hours!

Skip the learning curve and start brining in big tips now!

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Same South Hills Location

Pittsburgh Best Bartending School!

Since 1978

Elite Bartending School is dedicated to providing a quality educational experience for students throughout the greater Pittsburgh area.Our professional instructors have many years of bartending experience and are teaching a modernized curriculum that encompasses the most popular, in-demand mixed drinks that are seen and ordered at high-end, upscale establishments all over the Pittsburgh area.

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Bartending School
Bartending School
Bartending School

Best in the city!

We believe that you learn to bartend by actually getting to do it first hand. This way you know your stuff, inside and out.

Our students pass with at least a 90% overall testing average, unlike other schools where a 70-75% average will do.


The team at Elite Bartending School in Pittsburgh focuses heavily on this skill and it is integrated into every part of our curriculum.

This ensures that along with the drink knowledge and bar fluency, our graduates have all the customer service skills they need to succeed.

Bartending School

What Our Graduates Say

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“I took classes in June and by August I was working at the first bar I applied to!! Thanks so much for all of your help! Amazing school with wonderful classes. The instructors care about your education and will drill you on anything you don’t understand until you are making the drinks in your sleep!”

Chris Salazar

“Great experience! Loved my instructor Chris. He gave us a lot of insight and stories that would help when you get out in the real world. I def recommend this place if you are debating whether or not to come here. All the staff is very friendly, always a smile on their faces, and just a fun environment to come to.”

Grace Ann Rupprecht

“Elite Bartending School helped me learn (very quickly) everything I needed to be able to bartend. The classes were hands-on and flexible, which I am very grateful for! Not even a week after graduating, I was hired where I wanted to work. because of great instructors, I am officially out of the retail rut! Thank you!”

Janetleigh Vennare

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Our Awesome Team

Bartending School

Lawrie Madden

Admissions Director

R.A.M.P Instructor
Bartending School

Linda Yazvac


Office Manager
Bartending School

Christopher Bell

Director of Education

6 years
Bartending School

William Wells


6 Years





Over 90%


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We provide students like you with the kind of comprehensive, hands-on training that bar and restaurant owners take notice of, and that’s evident through our job placement program. You will have work lined up for you right when you graduate!

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