Responsible Alcohol Management Program

  • (R.A.M.P Training)Elite Bartending School in Pittsburgh offers R.A.M.P training regulated by the P.L.C.B. (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board)
  • This ensures that you know how to handle every scenario that may arise from checking ID’s to stopping service.
  • This not only helps protect graduates but also makes them even more qualified to work at the premium establishments in the Greater Pittsburgh area!

Act 141 of 2000 established the Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP), a voluntary certification that provides incentives for licensees that participate and complete all five components: Owner/Manager Training, Server/Seller Training, New Employee Orientation, Signage and Affidavit Request for RAMP Certification.

R.A.M.P training and resources available to licensees and their employees, so that they may understand and employ responsible alcohol management practices.

R.A.M.P Training certification can be mandated under the following circumstances:

  • For any licensee who has been found guilty by an Administrative Law Judge of sales to minors or visibly intoxicated persons
  • As part of a conditional licensing agreement (CLA)
  • Prior to obtaining a wine expanded permit

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