What Our Grads Say

Testimonials are a great way to hear it from someone who’s been there and done that. See for yourself how successful our graduates have been. Like anything you get what you put into it. but we do our best to set you up for success and hiring managers know our graduates are world-class bartenders!

“Just wanted to let you know I got HIRED!! I am now working at the Castle Pub. The same day I had my interview, I was hired and asked to work the same night! It went really well thanks to all the amazing preparation I got from the school, I feel confident that I will do great at this job and I am already making great tips! Thank you so much for everything!”

– Megan K.

“I wanted to inform you that I just got hired at Hollywood Gardens in Rochester, PA. I started training Monday and I get the feeling the owner is very excited to have me. Thank you for the excellent training, I can’t wait to start!”

– Donnie L.

“I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Elite Bartending School for the wonderful experience and for all of your help. I will be working as a bartender with Yes We Cater starting this Saturday!”

– Amy P.

“Wanted to write to say that I have obtained a position as a bartender in Italian restaurant Natili’s. I had my first day of work during a car cruise…what a day!! Busy Busy Busy…But the skills I learned in your program really helped me to feel so confident. Thank you!”

– Karen S.

“Our goal was to prepare Kathleen for a job that was recession proof. Bartending is definitely the answer. It is something she can do part time, while attending college, in the summer and even something full time to have a supplemental income. In the worst case, if she would have a job loss, she could always fall back on bartending! I still smile and know it was the right thing to do and…that we picked the BEST bartending school. I am looking forward to my daughter coming home for the summer and to the exciting bartending job that Elite will help her find. We were so pleased with your school! Thank you for such a first-class experience, Kathleen really enjoyed it.”

– Diana M.

“I start at The Summit Fireside Lodge & Grill on Friday night. They really liked the fact I had professional training. They want me as the head bartender so I can bring some needed professionalism to the bar.”

– Jason M.

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