Bring your "A" Game

Have you ever looked around while out on the town and watched as the bartenders quickly and flawlessly make cocktail after cocktail, while taking care of everyone in the crowded bar, raking in the money, and loving every minute of it?

Have you ever wondered, ”How did they learn to do that?” and “Could I learn to do that?“

Bartending in the greater Pittsburgh area can be tough to start. Neighborhood bars with on-the-job training are few and far between, and the average customer is much more educated and demanding today than ever before – especially in a major city like Pittsburgh (and this is a drinking town).

Pittsburghers love the nightlife

From the wall-to-wall bars and taverns of the Southside to the elegant martini bars and ultra lounges downtown. Pittsburghers are expecting their bartenders to be a step above the rest: fast, efficient, personable and extremely knowledgeable in making drinks.

Pittsburgh is The Big Time, and if you are not bringing your “A” Game to the bar every night, you will not last long in this city.

Elite Bartending School offers a comprehensive bartender training program to meet the need in today’s beverage service industry.

Our Pittsburgh bartending school has created programs to answer the demand for professionally trained bartenders. We provide bartending education, organizational skills, and customer service training.


Request more information on our Bartending School in Pittsburgh or call us today at 412-344-9100, and we will show you how we can help you get started in your new bartending career!

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