Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea

A staple of the bar scene since its introduction in the 1970s, Long Island Iced Tea can be counted among the most popular mixed drinks around.

This drink is made up of triple sec, rum, gin, vodka, and tequila. Throw in some sweet and sour mix along with a splash of cola and you have one of the all-time classic cocktails on your hands.

The drink is served over ice and, for an added touch, garnish with a lemon. There are also numerous variations of this drink that substitute some ingredients for others.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear

Having Mai Tais on your bartender cheat sheet will make you hugely popular with fans of this Tiki-Style Drink.

It consists of rum, orange Curacao, lime juice, and a great syrup. It can also contain pineapple juice and orange juice, depending on what version you make. Before being served, a Mai Tai is shaken well and garnished with an orange.

Mai Tai drink cocktail


Compared to many other cocktails, a Manhattan is a fairly simple ordeal. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t belong on a bartender cheat sheet, though.

By mixing whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters, you’ll have a classic drink ready for your guests to enjoy in no time.

Irish Coffee

This popular drink is made by mixing strong, hot coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and cream. Unlike some other mixed drinks, this is a “Long Drink” meaning that it’s mixed and served in large volumes.

More Than Just Drinks

While making drinks is the bulk of what you’ll be doing as a bartender, it’s not the only job you have to perform. As a bartender, you need to be able to set up your area so that you always have quick access to your tools as well as the ingredients you need in order to make drinks for your customers.

From making sure that you have the right knives for chopping fruit, to keeping various soft drinks on hand in order to complete certain cocktails, there is a lot that should go on your bartender cheat sheet so that you can make sure all of your bases are covered.

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